11 Questions With Ghanaian Pornstar Kojo Heffner

Kojo Heffner is currently the trending male Ghanaian porn star on the internet. You may not have watched his videos before or you have but you can not admit it openly and that’s cool but 26-year-old Ghanaian porn star Kojo Heffner is on the rise and his content is fire. The Ghanaian Porn Hub content creator agreed to answer 11 interesting questions I asked him and here are the highlights from the Q & A session.


#1 Why the name Kojo Heffner?

When I started this, I thought of working my way to a place where I would have so many women in the industry around me and be able to help them also establish themselves in the sex work industry outside “hook-ups”. I imagined myself being like Hugh Hefner, the famous American founder, and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, but the Ghanaian Hugh Hefner. Hence the “Kojo” is just to indicate that I am Ghanaian and proud to be Ghanaian.


#2 What is the best thing about working in pornography?

Having people you don’t know appreciate parts of your body that you might be insecure about. Just knowing that someone is turned on by your content makes you feel 100 times more attractive.


#3 Kojo, what are the biggest misconceptions you think people have of people who act porn?

Everyone assumes we have no standards. And we will fuck any and everyone which is not true. People find it difficult to separate the job as a porn star in a porn movie from the person as an individual. When the camera is off, I am a normal everyday person.


#4 What motivates you?

I just enjoy creating content. I love sex, it feels good to record yourself having fun and entertaining people at the same time.  It has also helped me embrace a lot of my insecurities.


#5 Is it all acting or you enjoy the sex?

It’s still a bit of both. There is a professional side to the job but yes, you are human so you enjoy it too as well.


#6 Favorite TV Show?

Zane’s Sex Chronicles and why are we not surprised. Zane’s Sex Chronicles is also the favorite TV Show of Ghanaian porn star @NoFaceGH. Zane’s Sex Chronicles is an American television series based on the urban erotica novels written by Zane. The series follows the friendships and relationships of five female friends who enjoy the steamy stories of erotic writer Zane.

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#7 Breasts or ass?

Sorry to all the ladies with ass but Kojo Heffner is a breasts lover.


#8  Favorite Role Model?

Kojo Heffner looks up to Troy Francisco. Troy is a black American male porn star from Los Angeles, California. Troy Francisco has a following of over 200,000 people on Twitter and Kojo Heffner has dreams of being as big or bigger than his role model.


#9 Biggest collaboration so far?

The biggest collaboration so far is with a beautiful lady called Sassy African. We shot a couple of scenes together and it was lit. But I am looking forward to also working with other African porn stars and possibly A-list porn stars from the United States and Europe.


#10 Favorite European Football Club?

He is not too happy with the current performance of his favorite European football club Liverpool who won their first Premier League in 30 years, last season. His club is struggling to grind the results lately and they could be kicked out of the Champions League after trailing 3-1 on aggregate to Real Madrid in the 1st leg of their quarter-final clash. Kojo believes Klopp still has what it take to lift his favorite team out of these gloomy days.


#11 Favorite Ghanaian Football Club?

A die-hard fan of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, a professional football team from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The club competes in the Ghana Premier League, the Premier Division on the Ghanaian football pyramid.

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